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  • Croque monsieur is delectable! Though of course there are many other options, such as Coquille St. Jacques, escargots, pate de fois gras, homard, etc etc. Masterful shots! What about the people? Are there any people in Paris?

  • @Hamlet – I’m waiting for the right day to just sit in a park with my zoom lens and surreptitiously photograph Parisians.

    Don’t worry, it will happen.

  • Wonderful photographs so far. Don’t forget the human interest – what makes Paris such a special place?
    How is the French immersion going? I enjoyed the photos on flickr – especially of YOUR environment…but then, that’s my interest, isn’t it?

  • Great photos, Serena. I’ve been to Paris only once, very briefly, but these images bring it back vividly–and with that special Serena sensibility. Thanks for sharing them.

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