Saint-Émilion, Home of the World’s Most Convincing Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Is nine months too late to write an overdue travel post? Last June we found ourselves in peaceful Saint-Émilion, staying in an historic farmhouse in the middle of wine country.1

We began in Bordeaux on the day of a huge wine festival,2 enjoying local wine and the best sunset of our trip. The following day, we explored Saint-Émilion, an ancient city dating back to prehistoric times. We explored Roman ruins, sampled more local wine (of course), confused a cat, and visited a nearby market town with friends.

We bought homemade, herb-encrusted saucisson from a little girl,3 got lost on country roads, found out everything we needed to know about 17th century architecture and the local theatre industry, had a conversation about pesto with a chef, and enjoyed the mintiest mint chocolate chip ice cream that I have ever tasted.4

Obviously you should visit Saint-Émilion for the architecture, wine, food, historic landmarks,5 and beautiful vistas, but don’t forget to sample the ice cream!

sunset in Bordeaux

market in Libourne

rooftop view

a sunflower

Special bonus photos…

Grapes outside our door.
A French cat.
A French cat.
The fabled ice cream.
The fabled ice cream.



  1. Really. There were miles and miles of grape vines surrounding the house. Finding our way home each day was confusing. []
  2. Although every day may be a wine festival in Bordeaux. []
  3. This lasted the next week, at least, and was delicious every time. []
  4. There were even flecks of mint in the ice cream. []
  5. It is a world heritage site, after all. []

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