As I Was Going to Cornwall…

As I was going to Cornwall1
I found a hedgerow, dense and tall

country gate

After the hike a windy theatre
With cliffside seats and comedy feature2

Minack Theatre

Then on to biomes full of plants,
An indoor rainforest, birds and ants3

Eden Project

Fields of flowers, the best bouquet
And one to take back home, in gray4


Gates, plays, plants and all
How many days was I in Cornwall?5dessert

And finally, some bonus ones
Just a few, since I took tons

Another flower, just as nice
Clearly one would not suffice
miniature ship
A tiny ship, made of wood
And the very largest pan of food
Hiding on St. Michael’s Mount
Was easy, by any account
I found a spiky succulent
And ate meringue to my heart’s content

  1. This rhyme is based, as you may know / On one written long ago []
  2. The protagonist, a real sad sack / Was Moliere’s hypochondriac []
  3. Other environmental types / Will find that Eden’s more than hype []
  4. The photo of this gorgeous flower / Was taken after a rain shower []
  5. This dessert was only one / Of many; we both ate a ton []

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