music box

I went downtown today in search of wooden things to paint, and returned with three kitchen implements, a music box, and a typewriter. The music box didn’t play, so I dug out my screwdriver and pliers. After an hour and a half, it was playing again. The melody is a little haunting…… Read More


(Because maybe if I make the headline as corny as possible, they’ll actually use it.) ENCHANTED (2007) No amount of Disney magic can redeem this misguided modern fairy tale. Enchanted, Disney’s most recent attempt at reclaiming its former glory, is … Read More

Across the Universe / A Hard Day’s Night

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (2007) The official website for Across the Universe proclaims in proper Beatles fashion that “all you need is love.” All this film needs is a more cohesive plot, proper character development, and greater depth. Oh, and perhaps … Read More

3:10 to Yuma/Shane

UMW Bullet, Sept. 27 3:10 TO YUMA I have a confession to make: I’ve never liked Westerns. It’s difficult to become emotionally attached to a genre that essentially consists of only one film. Poor miner/farmer/townsperson is terrorized by outlaw/neighbor/ruthless businessman. … Read More

Stardust/Brazil film column

My new film column, from this week’s Bullet. (Original version) STARDUST, OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE FAIRY TALE Sick of the onslaught of new Harry Potter movies? Can’t watch Legolas flip his hair even one … Read More


Serena is a seasoned designer with artistic experience dating back to her single-digit years. Creative and adventurous, she brings sharp, refreshing ideas to the table. Her attention to detail, speedy responses, and willingness to provide tools and training make her … Read More

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