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Morocco, Week Nine

I’m sorry to say, dear readers, that week nine will be a bit of a letdown. One of the downsides of working so much is that by the time I get around to blogging, I’ve already forgotten everything I did the previous week. Most of my waking hours last week were spent at work, and most of the things I did there are wildly exciting to only a select few people.

I supervised the creation of a middle school book club. Made a publication timeline for the student literary journal. Read more books to tiny children. Created a fabulous dinosaur-themed corner in the library, complete with illustrations of various species and a memorable pun.… Read More

Blackbeard, the cuddly version

For my final project in the “Pirates of the World” class here at UMW, I’m making a Blackbeard doll. He’s mostly done, with the (very important) exception of his overcoat, bandolier, pistols, hat, and a couple of other pirate-y things.