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As I Was Going to Cornwall…

As I was going to Cornwall
I found a hedgerow, dense and tall

After the hike a windy theatre
With cliffside seats and comedy feature

Then on to biomes full of plants,
An indoor rainforest, birds and ants… Read More

Herefordshire, now with extra cows!

Spent a few nights in Herefordshire, visiting my great-aunt and uncle. If you have never thought of “sinister” as a description of cows, you have not met my new bovine friends. One by one, they wandered up until there were about twenty cows standing a few inches away, just looking at me. I think we all know what the next big creature flick should be.… Read More

Cornwall, Day 6

I spent my final day in Cornwall in one of my favorite towns: Zennor. Home to the famous mermaid chair, Zennor is a cute little village near St Ives that boasts dramatic cliffs, ocean views, a beautiful old church, and (of course) a great pub. Usually, we hike the four miles to Zennor from St Ives via the coastal footpath, which is gorgeous. There are always raspberries and blackberries to pick along the way, and once I even encountered a couple of curious seals after wandering out on some seaside rocks. This time, though, we drove to Zennor and arrived (alas!) too late for our usual shepherd’s pie and lemonade at The Tinner’s Arms. Instead, I explored the church and graveyard, then hiked along the coastal path far enough to find a good spot to read my book.… Read More

Cornwall, Day 5

To be honest, nothing much happened on day five. It rained all day, and we were supposed to take in an evening performance of La Traviata at the Minack Theatre, but that rained out. So I’m cheating a bit and including some leftover day four photographs. At the end of the day (after Kynance Cove) we stopped by Roskilly’s Farm to see if they had food/ice cream for us. But as it was a weekday, they had closed already. So instead we took a little walk, gushing over adorable baby ducks and marveling at giant rhubarb plants.… Read More

Cornwall, Day 3

Before we left on our two hour drive from St Ives to Tintagel, we consulted trusty Google Maps for directions. While it did give us the most direct route, the first two miles also happened to be along a typical Cornish road. We don’t have roads like this in the U.S. so I’ll try to explain. Four inches of space on either side of the car, if you’re lucky. Beyond these eight collective inches is usually a vertical mass of assorted greenery: flowers, climbing vines, stinging nettles, grass. Behind this layer of plant matter–and I mean right behind–is a solid rock wall.… Read More

Cornwall, Day 2

Arrived at Chysauster Ancient Village just in time for a violent rainstorm. After sheltering in what was left of the Iron Age homes, we made our way to Mousehole (yes, that Mousehole) for lunch. We finished up the day at St. Michael’s Mount, where it was very windy. My mother thought the horse’s head with a fancy filigreed bridle on display was real. It wasn’t. However, they did have a full set of samurai armor in the weapons room for no apparent reason.… Read More

Cornwall, Day 1

In England for the next couple of weeks. More specifically, the lovely seaside town of St Ives in Cornwall for five days. Today was full of hiking coastal paths, taunting seagulls, discovering local restaurants, getting caught in sunshowers, and making … Read More