So I finished writing the short story for my individual study last week, and decided to draw some accompanying illustrations. (I’m a sucker for illustrated books.) Just to give you some context, here’s a little bit about my story:

“Saturday Night” brings retellings of myths and fairy tales into a contemporary atmosphere through an unusual setting: a bar that—instead of serving drinks—serves stories. Characters go to this bar for the same reasons one usually does: companionship, escape, distraction, stress relief, solace, and entertainment, for example. Each retelling addresses its reader in some way, though it’s not always enjoyable or comforting. But then, some of the characters aren’t that pleasant either.

For a retelling of “Sleeping Beauty”:


“Snow White”:


“Little Mermaid” retelling:

mermaid blank

Poetry retelling of “Pygmalion and Galatea”:


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