Cornwall, Day 5

To be honest, nothing much happened on day five. It rained all day, and we were supposed to take in an evening performance of La Traviata at the Minack Theatre,1 but that rained out. So I’m cheating a bit and including some leftover day four photographs. At the end of the day (after Kynance Cove) we stopped by Roskilly’s Farm to see if they had food/ice cream for us. But as it was a weekday, they had closed already. So instead we took a little walk, gushing over adorable baby ducks and marveling at giant rhubarb plants.2

One day, I will grow a garden full of giant rhubarb. Then I’ll grow giant strawberries and make a pie the size of a swimming pool. It will take all summer to finish eating this pie, even with the neighbors helping.

  1. Open-air theatre hewn out of a seaside cliff! []
  2. We also saw an overgrown road sign that was several yards into the woods, instead of on the road. It was probably still pointing in the right direction. []

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