Hay-on-Wye, book lover’s paradise

Imagine a town with bookshops on every corner. And in between every corner. And, well, everywhere. Guess what? That town exists, and it’s in Wales! Hay-on-Wye, often called “the town of books”,1 is the kind of place I want to go when I die. Everywhere you turn, books! New, used, antique, fiction, nonfiction, prints, maps… everything you could ever want! There are around 30 separate bookshops in Hay-on-Wye, so start planning your trip now.

I was so distracted by all the bookshops that I didn’t remember to take a single photo in Hay-on-Wye. At the end of our day, we took the wrong road out of town and ended up on a beautiful hill overlooking the valley. In keeping with the previous day’s Sinister Cows™, we found a whole herd of friendly horses grazing on the slopes.

  1. The first of its kind! []

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