San Francisco 2011, Day One

Even before we arrived in San Francisco, fantastic things were happening. Smoothies and french fries for breakfast, the speediest airport security I’ve ever encountered,1 and a gorgeous aerial view of the Rockies out my window. On our first day in the city, we visited some fabulous exhibits at the Asian Art Museum, examined a few thrift stores, discovered a delicious lunch spot,2 wandered up to check out the view at Coit Tower, and finished the day with a sunset by the bay, bread from Boudin, and free chocolate from Ghirardelli.

Many, many more photos on Flickr.

  1. In and out, line included, in under five minutes. []
  2. Mymy Coffee Shop, on the corner of Larkin and California. Awesome menu, yummy food. If I lived here I would go every week. []

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