San Francisco 2011, Day Two

Because day two was our Japantown day, not many photographs were taken. A lot of Japantown is indoors, with some really wonderful shops selling things like earthenware, bonsai trees, Japanese-language books, knick-knacks, clothing, unusual groceries, and–of course–fresh noodles. When I wasn’t eating noodles or chatting with Japanese shopkeepers, I took photos of succulents. Many photos of succulents.1

The thing that always astonishes me when I travel to the west coast is how easily succulents grow in the wild, on people’s doorsteps, on walls, everywhere! I will never get used to rounding a corner and seeing a jade tree or a huge, basketball-sized rosette. In DC I have to raise my succulents indoors, with careful watering and maybe a few loving songs. If you don’t believe me about the sheer number and beauty of succulents in San Francisco, I’ve included photographic evidence in this post.

More photos on Flickr.

  1. I am succulent obsessed and not ashamed to admit it. []

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