Day in the Life of a Tangier Cat






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  • Wonderful title. It’s always nice when a story provokes a memory, twigs something in the imagination, or leads to some new understanding.

    Your title, together with the first image, had me thinking Tangiers, which, to us in North America, can bring images of a far off and foreign place. I think my childhood memories remind me that Tarzan spent some of his early human-contact time in Tangiers. So that’s where I first went.

    But the house number in the first image, however, had me questioning that, and so I did a quick web search for “tangier cat,” thinking it might be a breed of cat, like siamese or tabby. As it turns out, the reference is rather (I gather) to an island in the Chesapeake. Go figure.

    Cats of the Chesapeake from On Stranger Tides.


  • Andrew: Actually, you were right the first time. This photo was taken in Tangier, Morocco, where I live and work. The street cats here have a fantastic lifestyle, with plenty of food, sun, and affectionate humans.

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