What to Do in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse… on Valentine’s Day

Intestines are red
Corpses are blue
Follow these instructions
Or you’ll be (un)dead too

What to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse... on Valentine's Day At a fancy restaurant Ice skating Picnic in the park At the movies

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  • What’s interesting is the carryover of the zombie metaphor into more complex fields. For instance, the Pulitzer Prize economist Paul Krugman wrote in today’s New York Times that Marco Rubio’s “zombie economic ideas have eaten his brain.” (Rubio is a U.S. senator from Florida, currently being hailed as a leading prospect for the Republican nomination for president in 2016).

    “In case you’re wondering,” Krugman explained, “a zombie idea is a proposition that has been thoroughly refuted by analysis and evidence, and should be dead — but won’t stay dead because it serves a political purpose, appeals to prejudices, or both. The classic zombie idea in U.S. political discourse is the notion that tax cuts for the wealthy pay for themselves, but there are many more. And, as I said, when it comes to economics it appears that Mr. Rubio’s mind is zombie-infested.”

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