Accessibility Evaluation

Created in collaboration with a team of three other students, this expert evaluation focuses on accessibility concerns in a prominent online retailer’s mobile app. We used the streamlined cognitive walkthrough method, which examines a specific task step-by-step with a target user in mind. 

Using screen reading software, our team identified multiple accessibility issues at each step of the process, and provided recommendations that benefit all customers.




Going into this project, our student team was determined to tackle a real-world issue that impacts millions of users worldwide: accessibility. We chose ModCloth for our evaluation, as lessons learned from this large online fashion retailer are generalizable throughout the online retail industry. 

We focused on ModCloth’s mobile app and followed the streamlined cognitive walkthrough method, which examines a specific task step by step with a target user in mind.  We conducted our accessibility evaluation entirely through assistive technology; VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android. In all four walkthroughs (one per team member), we found that the core task, finding an item via search and filters, was largely inaccessible for users with visual impairments.

Finally, we synthesized this research into a concise report of our methods, findings, and actionable recommendations for improvement. A persona, created from real survey data on users with visual impairments, helps readers relate to this population and understand the significance of our findings.


Our report is geared toward a general audience without experience in accessible design. We strove to educate our audience about accessibility needs, highlight areas of improvement, and emphasize the benefits of designing for special populations.