Older Adults

Research / Print Design

I created this booklet to help UX professionals design for older populations. It establishes a deeper understanding of these users, outlines best practices, and emphasizes the benefits of age-inclusive design. Recommendations come directly from peer-reviewed research in this field, spanning 30 years of academic insight.

It can be used as a solo reference or as part of a workshop on designing for special populations.



Older adults are an absolutely crucial demographic that companies cannot afford to overlook. These populations continue to increase worldwide and seniors are becoming more tech literate. However, UX professionals are often not trained in designing for this special population.

To understand the needs of this diverse group, I began with a thorough review of existing academic research. Because my aim was to consolidate this research into actionable design recommendations, I focused on data that highlighted multiple aspects of the design and research process, from UI elements to content strategy, support, and usability testing. 

I distilled all of this into a simple 20-page booklet, which shows UX professionals how to design for older adults but–equally importantly–explains why, through spotlights on the original academic sources.


By publishing this booklet with a Creative Commons license, my hope is that it will be used to aid training and guide decisions within design teams. Though there is a large body of academic research on UX design and research for older adults, materials on this topic are rarely available for industry audiences, especially in a format that can be used as a quick reference. 

This booklet fills that gap.