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Recipe for happiness: go places, take too many photos, then blog about it. Repeat as necessary.

Israel, Day Seven: Yad Vashem

Last night I struggled with the idea of writing about Yad Vashem, Jerusalem’s Holocaust museum, for several reasons. First, my posts about Israel thus far have been serious at times, but mostly full of jokes, puns, and some light kvetching. … Read More

Israel, Day Six: Oh Well, Kotel

I made a valiant effort to ignore my sprained ankle for most of the trip, my physical therapist’s voice echoing in my ear like a tiny, resistance band-wielding conscience. But when the first activity of day six was announced–and it … Read More

Israel, Day Four: Shuk, Shabbat, Shimmy

I just had a discussion with Erin about how to write day four, which culminated in: “My takeaway from this day of birthright can’t just be ‘I had mulberries, they were good.’” She laughed, but provided no suggestions. My day … Read More

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