it's me!


UX designer and illustrator extraordinaire.
I am passionate about user-centered design, stunning visuals, and dinosaurs.

plan & research

Work with client/team to identify user needs and define project goals.


Use wireframes and fast-paced, iterative design to arrive at the best UI solution.


Create a functional interface for testing and feedback.


Refine details based on feedback from users, deliver final project to stakeholder.


With over eight years of experience as a creative professional, my work has spanned web, print, illustration, product design, and a few continents. Education and science make my heart go pitter-pat, and I’m a seasoned problem-solver and communicator who loves developing simple, user-friendly solutions to design challenges.

portrait of Serena

about me

When I’m not working, I spend my time trying to be funnier than my too-funny wife and smarter than my too-smart cat. My home is filled with plants and books, my passport is filled with stamps, and (on a good day) my belly is filled with fruit tart. Ask me about sharks, picture books, or Morocco.